Promax 5635 Series 2-Wire Acoustic Tube Earpiece for Motorola SL300 1-Pin - AS

$14.39 $17.99

Promax Power 2 wire surveillance kit, comes with acoustic tube earphone and Palm PTT. Microphone can be clipped on to shirt for ease of speaking, great for public safety officials and government security

  • Experience comfort, reliability and satisfaction with this classical style earpiece
  • Solid built throughout that provides longevity and manufactured with highest possible parts
  • Extremely soft and stretchy PVC acoustic clear tube that would make you forget its there
  • Designed with the idea to become better at battery efficiency
  • Achieved tested sensitivity: microphone -41±3dB and speaker 117±3dB
Product Description

The most classic and versatile earpiece does its job perfectly every time! This earpiece provides the best comfort through routine usage and holds it reliability value extremely well. We've put our heart and soul into the design of this earpiece. Its manufactured with precision and the highest quality possible components - a beefy armature style speaker to transmit loud and clear sound, along with a solid Push-to-Talk button with highly sensitive integrated microphone. The earpiece kit included a PVC clear acoustic tube that stretches and retracts according to the users' head motion. PVC acoustic tube is a grade above others' usual plastic acoustic tube with its better sound transmission from our capable armature speaker; not to mention it's softness. Acoustic tube could comfortably hang around the back of your ear or straight down. You won't go wrong with this refined and upgraded classic style earpiece.



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Compatible with the following Motorola radios:

AS Pin

SL1K, SL2K, SL1M, SL300, SL1600, SL2600, SL3500e

SL7550, SL7550e, SL7580, SL7580e, SL7590, SL7590e

SL500, SL500e, SL4000, SL4010, SL4000e, SL4010e, SL8550, SL8550e, SL8050