Promax SDL Series straight Cable Earpiece for Motorola 1-pin - AS


  • Embedded chipset to provide clear and loud sound quality
  • Clicky Push to Talk button and built-in microphone hub to prevent dust/damage
  • Exceptionally soft ear padding with grippy skin friendly plastic texture
  • Molded to specifically fit your ear’s curvature on left and right ear
  • Achieved outstanding microphone sensitivity of -45±3dB



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AS Pin


Compatible with the following Motorola & Other Radios
SL Series SL1K, SL2K, SL1M, SL300, SL500, SL500e, SL1600, SL2600, SL3500e
SL4000 Series SL4000, SL4010, SL4000e, SL4010e
SL7000 Series SL7550, SL7550e, SL7580, SL7580e, SL7590, SL7590e
SL8000 Series SL8050, SL8550, SL8550e

*Not sure if your radio is compatible? Feel free to send us a message and we'll help find the right model for you!