ProMax 1632 Series - Left Muff Headset for Sepura Multi-Pin - SP2

$22.00 $36.99

ProMaxPower's single earpiece headset features a sleek, low-profile design that sits comfortably behind the head. The soft single-side left earmuff provides high quality sound output while the sturdy boom microphone enables superb voice-transmission. The Push-to-Talk button is conveniently place in-line and can quickly be activated with a simple click. Our headset is lightweight yet durable, making it the perfect choice for all professional environments such as security & surveillance, dispatching, warehouse use, and more.
Compatibility List



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Compatible with the following Sepura radios:

SP2 Pin

SC2 Series:
SC20, SC21

DMR Terminal:
SBP8000, SBP8300, SCP8000, SCP8300, SEP8000, SEP8300

TETRA Terminal:
STP8000, STP8030 STP8035 STP8038 STP8040 STP8080, STP8100, STP8200, STP9000, STP9100, STP9200