6-Way Universal Gang Battery Charger for Kenwood KNB-45 Batteries

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  • Charges up to 6 batteries simultaneously
  • Ensure safe charging with sophisticated circuit board
  • Accurate cell types and battery detection
  • Real-time LED indication of charging status
  • Conductive, heavy-duty spring mechanism for contact plates
  • Large battery port conveniently allows you to charge your battery while it is still attached to your radio
  • Operating Temperature: -10° to 55° Celcius -or- 14° to 131° Fahrenheit
  • Input Voltage: AC 110V to 265V
  • Output Voltage: Varies on batteries and cells' capabilities (automatic detection)
  • Charge Current: 840mA
Compatibility List
TK Series:
TK-2200, TK-2200L, TK-2200P, TK-2200LP, TK-2202, TK-2202E, TK-2206, TK-2206M, TK-2207, TK-2207G, TK-2212L, TK-2212M, TK-2300VP, TK-2302E, TK-2302T, TK-2302VK, TK-2306M, TK-2307M 

TK-3200, TK-3200L, TK-3200P, TK-3200LP, TK-3202, TK-3202E, TK-3202E3, TK-3206, TK-3206M, TK-3206M3, TK-3207, TK-3207G, TK-3212L, TK-3212M, TK-3300UP, TK-3301E, TK-3301T, TK-3302E, TK-3302E3, TK-3302T, TK-3302UK, TK-3306M3, TK-3307M2

Replacement for OEM#: KNB-45, KNB-45L