ProMax 5655 Series 2-Wire Acoustic Airtube Earpiece for Motorola Single-Pin - AS

$17.59 $21.99


Package Contents:
  • [1x] Acoustic Armature Earpiece
*Free extra Mushroom Tip included with each earpiece!

  • Acoustic tube earpiece with armature speaker
  • 2-Wire design allows for flexible placement of the PTT button mic
  • Microphone features enhanced voice clarity for high-quality communication
  • Ergonomic palm PTT button features a 360° rotating clip that attaches securely and safely onto clothes
  • Super elastic acoustic tube constructed of transparent PU for softness and durability
  • Wide and thick earbud to fit in most ear canals and still grant noise isolation
  • Cabling made with flexible, high-grade Kevlar for superior strength
  • Quick connect/disconnect earphone adapter for easy replacement of acoustic tube
  • Sleek and lightweight design makes it comfortable for long-time wear


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AS Pin



Compatible with the following MOTOROLA Radios
SL Series SL1K, SL2K, SL1M, SL300, SL500, SL500e, SL1600, SL2600, SL3500e
SL4000 Series SL4000, SL4010, SL4000e, SL4010e
SL7000 Series SL7550, SL7550e, SL7580, SL7580e, SL7590, SL7590e
SL8000 Series SL8050, SL8550, SL8550e

*Not sure if your radio is compatible? Feel free to send us a message and we'll help find the right model for you!