ProMax 0201 Series Earbud Style Earpiece for Motorola Multi-Pin - AX

$13.59 $16.99


  • Single earbud earpiece is great for retail and restaurant businesses
  • Single earbud with soft rubber loop, comfortable for long-time wear
  • Single wire is neither too thick or thin allow users to move comfortably
  • Clip near PTT button and mic for stability and ease of use
  • securely clip wire onto shirt 
  • Designed for left or right ear use


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Compatibility List:

AX Pin


DEP Series:
DEP500, DEP500e, DEP550, DEP550e, DEP570, DEP570e

DP Series:
DP2000, DP2000e, DP2400, DP2400e, DP2600, DP2600e, DP3441, DP3441e, DP3661e

DGP Elite Series:
DGP8050 Elite, DGP8050e Elite

MTP Series:
MTP3000, MTP3100, MTP3150, MTP3200, MTP3250, MTP3500, MTP3550

XPR Series:
XPR3000, XPR3000e, XPR3300, XPR3300e, XPR3500, XPR3500e

XiR Series:
XiR-E8600, XiR-E8608, XiR-P6600, XiR-P6600i, XiR-P6620, XiR-P6628